So, last Sunday Morning I woke up feeling very athletic.. I mean I had done really well all summer with Barry’s Bootcamp in Wainscott, Long Island.  Supposedly it’s easier in the Hamptons than it is in NYC… but I found it hard.. but good. I am not spring chicken!!

Running on the treadmill was really fun.. although at times.. I just thought too fast … I mean 8.0 is fast.. but of course the 20 and 30 year olds were going 12.0 with not too much effort..

Okay.. so the summer ends and I am missing my work outs at Barry’s. So last Sunday I was deciding between the gym, a long walk around Central Park, or a run.. Unfortunately for me, I chose to run. All was going well, until the last five minutes when I decided, hey if I sprint in Barry’s  gym, why not do it going out of Central Park..

And, off I went…  full speed ahead… the next thing I know.. I trip and I am flying in the air, which seemed like eternity!!

I tried to support my fall with my hands, but there wasn’t a scratch (which I still find weird).. all of the weight fell on my poor left

knee.. And boy did it hit  hard. I literally saw stars!!

I sat there in shock.. literally.. I couldn’t move.. I noticed that some people just walked by (jaded New Yorkers, or maybe tourists?) But, there were some really really nice people.

A woman asked me if I wanted an ambulance.. No.. (I must have really gone flying). Another woman handed me a bottle of water and said, “it’s new, I didn’t open it yet”. I think I took it.

A man lifted me up and asked did I want a taxi. Oh no,!! I didn’t have ANY MONEY! (LESSON LEARNED). But a really nice woman, I think her name was Regina (I had the where with all to ask) handed me a $20 dollar bill and said, “pay it forward”. BTW- I also didn’t have ID – never go running without ID!

A cop appeared out of thin air and got me a taxi. The taxi took me all of 5 blocks and refused to take money! NICE!

So for anyone who helped me last Sunday on Fifth and 84th…. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! NEW YORKERS ARE GOOD PEOPLE!!!

So, the next morning at 7:30 a.m. I got my x rays taken and sure enough I fractured the Patella bone in the knee cap! OUCH!









All Summer I worked out at Barry’s Bootcamp in the Hamptons.  It was hard, but I loved it. Here I was running really fast and lifting weights and I was actually keeping up with the 20 and 30 year olds. Every time they said move your speed up on the treadmill, I did, but was always a little hesitant to go over 8.0… just for fear of falling. BTW. I think 8.0 is ridiculously fast!!  I was shocked that I was actually able to run that fast.. (even tho the 20 and 30 year olds were up to 10.0 ) I mean, why would I run that fast??  (I could fall, right??)

The summer ended, and so did my daily routine at Barry’s Bootcamp. So, last Sunday I was debating.. the gym, a walk around the entire Central Park .. but at the last minute (fate) I decided to just run. Which, by the way, have been doing since Jr. High School.  I was running my usual pace (not too fast), but then thinking about my sprinting days at Barry’s on the treadmill, I decided as I turned out of the park and onto Fifth Avenue that I should pull out all the stops and sprint!! REALLY FAST!

The next thing I know, I tripped, and I am flying up in the air, which seemed like it was in slow motion.. I knew I was in trouble because I was running really fast and I was up off the ground for what seemed like an awfully long time…

Next thing I know.. BOOM! I am down on the ground. It seemed surreal. My hands, which I thought helped my fall, weren’t cut at all. The only thing in excruciating pain was my left knee. Pain I had never felt before.  I couldn’t get up. Some people walked right by me, but others were so nice. Someone asked if I wanted an ambulance, another woman handed me a bottle of water and said, “it’s new, I haven’t opened it.” Nice!

I was still in a daze. I didn’t want an ambulance, I didn’t want water, although I think I took the bottle.  A man lifted me up. I couldn’t walk on my left leg. A woman suggested getting me into a taxi. UGH I DIDN’T BRING MONEY.. LESSON LEARNED!  (Also didn’t have ID.. another mistake!) She  handed me a $20 and said, “pay it forward”.  A cop appeared out of thin air, hailed a taxi, stopped traffic on fifth Ave so I could get in.

The taxi took me home, which was only about 5 blocks away and didn’t charge me! NEW YORKERS ARE NICE. So, if any of the kind people who helped me last Sunday at 84th and Fifth Avenue are reading this.. THANK YOU.

For any of you who know me… I have not slowed down- i don’t know how..!

We are still working crazy… (thank god) . We are media training and managing people’s careers, even on one leg!!

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I remember when I was about 24 years old, sitting across from  my Grandma Rose at her kitchen table looking into her old, tired eyes.

She was suffering with cancer about was about to die. She looked at me and said, “Life goes very fast!, I can’t believe how fast my life went.” .  Of course being 24, it didn’t really hit me. LIfe seemed like an eternity to me back then. I was never going to be old like my Grandma Rose!!

Now, many many years later, Grandma Rose was right! Yesterday I went to an old friend, Amy Udell’s funeral. I had dated her cousin Alan Udell all thru high school and most of college. Alan’s cousin Amy, lived around the corner, so we saw a lot of her!  Amy, who was 58 when she died, was diagnosed with Cancer only THIRTEEN weeks ago! LIFE IS SHORT!!! And sometimes unfair!!!  I remember Amy as always smiling and always calling everyone “honey”. I call people honey too! Maybe it’s the “Amy” gene.  Amy always had a smile and was always kind. I can still hear her voice. She never seemed down or unhappy.

Days like yesterday, when you go to an old friend’s funeral, who die too young, makes you wake up and realize just how short and precious life is. Grandma Rose was right!!

I guess I walked away from that funeral with a new zest for life. I promised myself that I would call my friends more often (instead of texting) . I would smile more, slow down and just enjoy the little things in life that we are all too busy to do.

I already call my Mother 4 times a day, she calls me 5 times a day, so that’s checked off. I talk to my boys everyday… and my brother and my sister in law, so I guess, I have to start being grateful that I am getting older, because it’s better than the alternative and  I just have to stop sometimes and remember, LIFE IS SHORT. ENJOY EVERY DAY!!!

I am happy to say that I have found my act 2 in life. And I am enjoying every moment of it. At first, I thought I could never be happy doing anything but getting up at 6 am, jumping in the shower and running to work. Actually, I never thought I could really be happy doing anything but producing TV shows. And the funny thing is that no one else thought I could either. I cannot tell you how many people over the years have looked at me with puppy dog eyes and say… “I know you’re media training, but don’t you miss tv??”. At first I was defensive, of course I am happy.. but was I?? Well, the truth is it wasn’t easy to leave TV. I loved my jobs. But now, to be able to say I have reinvented myself (JOAN RIVERS WOULD BE SO PROUD) is a huge accomplishment.

I have always been a resilient girl, but facing chapter 2 wasn’t so easy at first.

But now, after 3 years away from the studio, I can honestly say, I am a VERY VERY happy girl.

I am using all of my television experience in my new career. I am helping young people and people of ALL ages reach their goals in the crazy world of TV, and I am still helping to produce their segments once they get booked on various TV shows. I have to admit, my creative side still thrives on that!!

I am so grateful to my friends who are on air, or who are producing shows who trust me when I say I have a good guest! I have always said, Loyalty is the most important trait one can have.

I love waking up at 7 am instead of 6 am and still getting in the shower and dressed to work in my office (which is a few feet away from my bedroom!) I must be stylish- even if my dog Rosie is the only one who sees me that day!!

Don’t be afraid to try something new!! It’s scary at first, but I promise you it’s worth it! When I start feeling that rush of adrenaline when a guest is booked, or their book is sold, or they land a job on a show..I know that I have found happiness again.



First let me say, that I am so sorry that I stopped writing about Joan. I was really too upset for awhile.. But today I decided to go back.. and  I noticed that the last time I wrote was almost 2 months ago!

I am so angry this morning about how careless the Yorkville Endoscopy was with Joan. How lame are they?? There were so many things they did wrong!!! They gave her too much anesthesia!! SCARY! And instead of caring about her, they were busy taking selfies?? Very professional. NOT.

I still can’t  wrap my head around that she’s gone. But, I thought I would go back to writing about my memories of my times with her.


BACK TO THE SHOW- about 1988 or 89-

Joan was still doing  her stand up act so when she got offered a few weeks at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, she decided that she would bring our show there and do both. Her act and our talk show!

First we would be staying in Los Angeles for a few weeks while she performed  there.  The staff was given housing at an apartment complex. I am New York born and bred, so I had no idea where I was. As much as I was excited to be in Los Angeles and then going on to Las Vegas, I was still a new mom, with a little baby at home. Thank God for Ted and my Irish nanny!

Joan was living in a house in Pacific Palisades at the time. This was all so new to me, so I had no idea how far away the studio or our Oak wood apartment complex was from her. But Joan being Joan, insisted that my close friend, Stuart (who also worked on the show, and who was also close with Joan) stay at her house for the weekend while she went off to Las Vegas to do her act.

I remember being in awe of the house. I couldn’t believe that she was letting Stuart and I stay there. I mean she was Joan Rivers.. and I had only known her a few months… But that’s Joan. My first memory of the house was that it was behind a big gate.. Wow!!!

Stuart and I arrived and were told that I would sleep in Joan’s room and Stuart would sleep in Melissa’s. Melissa was away at college in the East at the time.

I climbed into her bed and I couldn’t believe how elegant everything felt. I mean, everything Joan owned was beautiful and felt so rich. Her sheets were so soft.. I mean anything felt better than the sheets at the rental  apartment complex we were staying in. But this was the real deal!! So elegant!!

Stuart was thrilled to be in Melissa’s room and we laughed out loud that this was really happening.

Okay, this might be TMI.. (too much information) but that night… while  I was sleeping on Joan’s VERY EXPENSIVE BEAUTIFUL SHEETS.. I got my “friend”!!! I was horrified!! OMG ON JOAN RIVERS SHEETS!!! I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!  PLEASE GOD LET THIS BE A NIGHTMARE!! BUT, IT WASN’T!!! OYYYYYY!!!

I woke Stuart up and we woke up Joan’s housekeeper at 3 am!! I was beyond upset and was so worried that Joan would be mad. LIttle did I know how little she would care!!  I washed the sheets in the middle of the night.. and ran to Rodeo Drive the first thing in the morning and bought her a lalique flower for her coffee table. I don’t even know how I afforded it, but there was no way that I wasn’t getting her a gift !! I was mortified!! I did tell Joan what happened, and Joan being Joan looked at me like I was crazy for gettting upset over such a trivial thing!! phew!! Now, many, many, many years later, it’s so funny!!!

The one thing that hit me was how motherly this big star was. I remember sleeping there another night, and getting up early to go into the office in LA we were working out of. It must have been 6 am. I got dressed, went downstairs and there was Joan in her pajamas and her bathrobe, making me breakfast!! What ???  I remember being so impressed!! She really did it all. AND WITH SUCH CLASS.  (The blueberries were in dishes that looked VERY fancy!)

That week Joan invited the staff to her house for a barbeque. I remember we were in her backyard when she said she had an announcement. Joan got everyone together and announced that I was now the Senior Producer of the show!

What???? I was in shock. I was so happy. The funny thing is how much easier life was back then. Today a promotion like that would have  had to have gone thru HR and 12 other layers to be approved. But not with Joan! When she wanted something to happen, she made it happen!!!


FYI – I am now media training… so if you wanna  be on TV.. as an expert, or a host or reporter, or just need public speaking skills,  write to me and I will help you out!!! Joan helped me.. I want to help you!!






So, Joan is convinced that the apartment that she has fallen in love with (which is something out of the movies)
is haunted. Joan, who is going to get this apartment if it’s the last thing she does decides to call in help to get rid of the ghosts! Exorcists, witches.. Whatever it’s gonna take..
Once she is convinced the job is done, Joan moves in an starts to decorate her home unlike anything you have ever seen. So royal, so classy. So Joan.Flowers, candles, orchards, Everything in it’s place. Everything so elegant. Everything so Joan.

Speaking of classy, back at the office. It was the beginning of the first taping season. It was 1988. I had come from CBS This Morning, where our lunch consisted of whatever we could find down in the old fashioned cafeteria. Dry turkey on white bread, or maybe whole wheat..But Joan was from a different world. Even though we were taping in the CBS building,and we could have very easily all gone down to the same cafeteria and gotten our own lunches. Joan wouldn’t hear of it! No, not Joan! She insisted on catering very beautiful lunches for the staff, which we would eat, while we briefed Joan for that day’s show. Joan had two offices.. One across the street, where she first called me ROSENBERG, and then a dressing room/office in the CBS Broadcast center where we taped the talk show.
Every taping day, we would brief Joan in her dressing room (which held about 20 comfortably). Turkey from the cafeteria?? NO NO NO.. Not for Joan’s staff. Everyday, on her own dime, Joan brought in beautiful catered lunches for all of us. Everything delicious. Cookies for dessert!

Joan would sit in her bathrobe on the couch with her beloved Spike (she lived for that dog! And yes, he enjoyed the lunches as well!!!!) next to her listening to us brief her on who was on the show. I have worked on a lot of other shows since my early days at Joan, and believe me, no other briefings were as much fun as these. Joan just knew how to light up a room. And not only was she great on the air. She was also a producer at heart. She knew what would make a good segment.

One thing that happened early on, and Joan and I still laughed about, was during a taping of a show. I would be on the floor (studio floor) during my segments. I had a guest on who had such a heart warming story, but wasn’t showing emotion. I ran to the cue cards and scribbled in big black letters “CRY!!” to the guest. Joan,who had come from the Johnny Carson show and her own late night show, had never seen a cue card like that. Welcome to the early days of talk TV! And by the way, the guest Saw the sign and right away started to cry. Joan gave me that “well done” look. She knew that I knew that the guest needed to show emotion and it had worked.

I used to love sitting and schmoozing with Joan in her dressing room. I still couldn’t believe that I was getting to know Joan! I remember sitting in her dressing room while she was getting dressed for a show. The great David Dangle (who is now the President of her QVC Company) was her stylist. Anyway, David was dressing her in some fab of the moment outfit, which included a Channel belt. I said something like, “I love that belt”. Well, of course without blinking an eye, Joan took off the belt and insisted that I have it! Well, she didn’t have to twist my arm, but I was so in shock, I had never seen anyone so generous like that in my life.And needless to say, I did not own a channel belt! BUT, I have to stress, it wasn’t just with material stuff. If she loved you, there was NOTHING she wouldn’t do for you!!!

And what she did for me as the years went on… changed me as a person. I say again, I have never met anyone who opens their heart to their friends in the way Joan did..

More… to come.


So it’s the first day of the beginning of my life which would include Joan .  We were told that Joan would be coming in to meet the staff. I was so nervous-I mean she was a BIG star… What would I say??  What would she be like??

about 11am we we called into the Executive Producers office to wait for Joan’s arrival .. I remember it like it was yesterday -she strutted in and said ” I am so fat!!” Ugh I am sorry how fat I am” . 

okaaaay…. If she weighed 95 pounds… That was dripping wet. She was warm and funny and lit up the room. I couldn’t believe how cool she looked! Jeans -channel belt.. She had style!!! I had certainly made the right decision! This was gonna be fun!! ( little did I know just how much fun!) 

Production started immediately. I went into my office (shared with other producers) and started working on my segments. The night before our first show, I went into Joan’s office to brief her. I was so nervous-but I gave it my all. Telling her every last detail that show would need. Please be a good show!! I beg you God!!!

she was a sponge-she took everything in!  Adding her own humor to it all. I still had to pinch myself that I was in the room with this hotter than hotter brilliant star! She listened , took notes and was very prepared! 

The first show went off without a hitch. My first big memory….. I was sitting at my desk about an hour after the first show…. and Joan came right up to me and said “I LIKE YOU ROSENBERG !”  I was sooooooo happy! I had passed the test! Needless to say -my last name is ROSENBLUM… But no way was I correcting Joan! I was elated that she liked my work!!  And I was happy to take on her last name! (Rosenberg is her married name!)

our friendship started that moment!  Once she loved you-you were with her for life…  

Joan was living at The Westbury Hotel (no longer around) while she searched for a new apartment! Then she called to say she had found a beautiful apartment -would I meet her there to see it?? 

Omg! I had never seen such a huge space -Joan who also had the most beautiful taste-could see thru this tremendous ballroom and already was decorating in her mind… Only problem -Joan was convinced the apt was haunted–





I was one of the few fortunate people who really knew Joan Rivers well. I want to share some funny stories that
we shared. Needless to say, I am heartbroken and I thought this would help me. I hope you will all enjoy my stories. And hopefully help all of her fans heal along the way.. this is my journey with Joan…

I always loved Joan Rivers. I grew up on Long Island, always loved TV and watched Johnny Carson as much as I could. But, I really liked his substitute guest host more. She was funny and approachable. I must have been 16 years old.

I went to work in TV. My first job was at CBS News, working for “CBS This Morning”. It was the beginning of the show. Diane Sawyer and Bill Kurtis were the hosts.
I loved my job. I became a workaholic. I was a booker. I booked guests for the show, and was in competition with the Today Show and Good Morning America bookers, but if you know me, I am probably one of the most competitive people on the planet, so I never let our number 3 place get in my way of snagging guests.

I spent 7 years at CBS This morning, and wow, what a fantastic experience for a kid right out of college.
I never left the building, I loved what I did so much, and barely left the CBS Broadcast Center,I so I was lucky to meet my husband there!
Ted and I got married and I got pregnant with Adam right away. Of course I took off some time, (not a lot) but, I remember the day I got back.
I was their “go to girl” to book on breaking stories. They wanted to send me to a prison riot in Atlanta.
I had lived for assignments like this. I had never said no to anything.I had slept on front steps of crazies houses for bookings long before that was a tactic! But, the idea of a new Mom leaving my baby to go to a prison riot, didn’t sit right for me.

I told some friends at work that I really didn’t want to travel anymore after Adam was born. Someone said, “Well, Joan Rivers is starting a new talk show. And they are taping in the CBS building.”
I thought, “she will never hire me. I don’t know show business!”

Ted (my husband) convinced me to send my resume anyway. Little did I know how impressed Joan was to see CBS NEWS on my resume and hired me that day! Joan was not only funny, she was also brilliant.

I remember being in the shower the morning of my first day working at Joan’s new show thinking, “What am I doing?? I am leaving CBS News to go work on the Joan Rivers talk show?? Am I crazy???



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